Merry Refugeemas! Saint Negligence promises a fake asylum seeker for every supporter of amnesty!

The Christmas Holiday is well known despite the efforts of Secular legal precedence set forth in the 1960s, but a new holiday is rising that the ACLU types can get behind, RefugeeMass!

Several Governors across what’s left of the USA have waited until the holidays to welcome refugees into their states. President Donald Trump, who opposed the refugee program, put in place requirements that State Governors approve of the program before supposed asylum seekers can be housed in the territory that they have been elected to govern.

While in the past, it was a mystery as to where the people more important than homeless veterans would reside, under Refugeemas; politicians, crony capitalists, fake free trade advocates, & others who advocate for refugees will receive a random number of refugees based upon their estimated wealth. A Santa Claus-based character named Saint Negligence will drop off the refugees for Refugeemas while doing other drug and human trafficking deliveries.

Most sovernors waited until the popular and distracting Christmas season and impeachment circus to announce that they will welcome the hiraj and cheap labor force that has turned several parts of Europe into no-go zones. Some of the refugees could also be from the Narco states in Central America and include Nancy Pelosi’s MS-13 children.

California, which has already given up parts of its land to illegal aliens, drug addicts, & climate change activist made disasters, is considering changing it’s name to Aztlan, so as to not offend the millions of refugees that will flock to the sanctuary state.

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, who has given millions to the Chinese Communist for a paper mill in Arkadelphia, is using more carefully crafted timing in welcoming the mostly military age male “asylum seekers” .

Renaming Arkansas Chicken/Rice 3rd world plantation terrority 1 will likely happen after the March 3rd 2020 primary election so as to not wake up the Trump supporting Red State voters in that area.

The best thing about Refugeemas is that it doesn’t end after December 25th! Governor’s Mansions across the nation will get 100s of illegals at random times during the year!

Merry Refugeemas!