AOC: Jeff Bezos started Amazon fire to ‘make billions in insurance fraud’

The feud between US Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and businessman Jeff Bezos reached another level today as AOC blamed the Amazon fire on Bezos.

“The Amazon fire is so heartbreaking. And you look at who would profit. Well clearly the man who owns it: Jeff Bezos. He obviously started the fire to make billions in insurance fraud.”

Ocasio-Cortez has been a thorn in the online retailer’s side since before she took office, helping to run Amazon out of New York city, then hounding the tycoon for paying “slave wages”.

“And like does anyone think it’s a little bit odd that they sell those Amazon Fire Sticks? That’s probably what he used to set it on fire.”

The fire in the Amazon has been raging for three weeks and have consumed the equivalent size of 17 gazillion square miles.

“Amazon is the Earth’s lungs and produces like 130% of the Earth’s oxygen. Something needs to be done before I move my apocalypse timeline up to next year!” Ocasio-Cortez added.


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