I saw Jeffrey Epstein’s ghost shaking hands with Vincent Tartaglione thanking him for ‘getting me out of jail.’

Next I saw him in a dream with some other smaller people—not sure who they were but they asked me if I wanted to buy some Gluten Free Caramel De-Lites Samoas, Thin Mints or Jeffrey Epstein’s favorite “Thanks- A- Lots” cookies.

I worked for Mr. Epstein once as a butler and I accidentally walked in on him and his girlfriend one time just as they got done having sex. As they were getting dressed Jeff’s girlfriend said to him “I think you’re a Pedophile” Jeffrey said, “My my that’s an awful big word for a 12 year old.”

I also knew Jeff when we were just kids because I grew up across the street from him,,this was before he changed his name to Jeffrey Epstein,,we knew him as “Hey You, In The Bushes.”

Jeffrey liked my baby sister a lot, when Jeff was 21 he gave her a dozen roses but she hit him with them, well Jeff was standing in her shower at the time.

Once my baby sister had a sleepover with her friends and when I got out of my car in the driveway who do I see jogging down the sidewalk naked, Jeffrey Epstein. I asked him “Jeffrey, why are jogging by my house naked?” Jeffrey said “Because you came home early.”


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