Biden asks for $10 billion for ‘big, beautiful’ border wall for Ukraine

WASHINGTON, DC—President* Joe Biden has asked Congress for $10 billion to build what he calls a “big, beautiful” border wall for Ukraine to keep the Russians out.

“People are hurting financially, I know. Gas prices are sky high and inflation is out of control,” Biden said at a press conference announcing the plan. “But what we need to do right now is spend money on a big, beautiful border wall.”

Biden made it clear that he doesn’t want a border wall to help protect the US border but rather for Ukraine.

“Ukraine is one of our greatest allies,” Biden said. “They gave my son Hunter a lot of money for doing nothing and I only took 10 percent. They’re just great people, man!”

Experts from all prestigious universities concur that border walls do not work to deter invasions unless they’re used in the Ukraine.

“Walls do not work, unless of course, they keep people out of the White House or Ukraine,” Biden added.


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