Biden Pentagon hires Jussie Smollett to fake a Russian attack on US

WASHINGTON, DC—President* Joe Biden has been looking for an excuse to go to war with Russia since he took office. After hearing that actor and famous hate crime hoax victim Jussie Smollett is unemployed, Biden to the opportunity to hire him to stage a false flag.

Sources close to the situation say that Smollett will be the victim of a Russian terrorist attack in prison, which will lead to a full blown retaliation of US forces.

Biden accidentally announced the secret false flag operation in a press conference today.

“You know that was a real shame what happened to that Juicy—what’s his name? Smollett?” Biden said. “I think that level of victimhood should be rewarded and not punished. Well, I have a plan to get him out of jail and get us in to war with Russia.”

Analysts have said that it will take a pretty good false flag to get the country to get behind a war with Russia.

“Don’t worry,” Biden said. “I have full confidence in the gay colored actor.”


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