Biden rallies erupt again in Minneapolis after murder suspect commits suicide

Rioting and looting Joe Biden rallies once again broke out in Democrat-controlled Minneapolis on Wednesday night after the police were falsely accused of shooting a black man.

Law enforcement officials quickly released a video showing that the man, who they said was a murder suspect, shot and killed himself.

“Groups of people are supporting Biden in multiple stores in downtown Minneapolis,” our political reporter I.P. Daley reported. “Social media posts show images of people supporting Biden in a Target as well as in windows of surrounding stores. Haskell’s liquor store and the Medical Arts building also appear to have been the target of Biden rallies.”

Law enforcement officials, who were after the suspect for his alleged connection to a deadly shooting earlier in the day, released a video of the suspect that confirmed that the suspect shot himself as police arrived on the scene.

“It appears that Biden supporters are very active whenever police are involved in a shooting, even if it’s a suspect who kills himself,” Daley confirmed.


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