Bigots outraged by Disney casting white transgender to play Barack Obama in upcoming film

As the nation celebrated the national holiday that symbolizes all men being created equal, a small minority of bigots expressed outrage that a film about Barack Obama would star a transgender white woman.

The ink had barely dried on Disney’s announcement that Caitlyn Jenner will star in the title role of Obama when meteorologists at the Bigot Weather Channel had to issue a flash flood warning because of a sudden deluge of anti-white, transphobic tears.

Of course, this display of fragility was to be expected because, in a country and a system where bigotry is the default, rewarding anyone who doesn’t fit into the traditional idea of “normal” is a perceived insult. It feels like robbery. It feels like oppression.

In their minds, Disney didn’t make a business decision based on talent, ability and the fact that Caitlyn Jenner can bring her already-built fan base to the box office. The woebegone whites automatically assumed that the movie studio chose a white transgender actress because of political correctness, pandering and the dreaded idea of diversity.

It’s time to stop the hate! Let’s stop trying to cast movies and let Disney do what they do best: ruin great film series.


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