‘Bloodbaths are only okay when killing millions of babies’ says devout Catholic Nancy Pelosi

WASHINGTON, DC—In a fiery appearance on CNN, Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) took Donald Trump to task for his misuse of the term “bloodbath.” The devout Catholic was incensed by the former President’s use of the phrase to describe devastation in the economic sector, insisting that the term is only okay when discussing the act of killing millions of babies.

“That man is promising a bloodbath if he’s not elected and that’s just not acceptable,” Pelosi said, her eyes blazing with righteous fury. “Bloodbaths are only okay when killing millions of babies.”

Pelosi’s impassioned plea was accompanied by a series of genuflections, a nod to her Catholic faith. She later went off to make a cross on her forehead with the ashes from a Planned Parenthood she got on Ash Wednesday.

The controversy has sparked a heated debate on social media, with many praising Pelosi for standing up to Trump and his misuse of language. Others have accused her of hypocrisy, pointing out that the term “bloodbath” has been used by both sides of the aisle to describe various political battles.

Whatever the outcome, one thing is for sure – Nancy Pelosi has made it clear that the proper usage of the term “bloodbath” is a matter of grave importance and should not be taken lightly.


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