BREAKING: All charges against George Santos dropped after he identifies as a Cherokee Indian veteran who slept with a Chinese spy

WASHINGTON, DC—In a surprising twist that could rival the most intricate plot twists from a spy novel, charges against U.S. Representative George Santos have been dropped after he reportedly identified as a Cherokee Indian, a Vietnam War veteran, and claimed to have had a torrid affair with a Chinese spy. The bold defense strategy has raised eyebrows and left legal experts pondering the ever-expanding possibilities of identity politics.

The courtroom drama unfolded like a cross between a political thriller and a reality TV show, with Rep Santos confidently declaring, “I identify as a Cherokee warrior, a seasoned Vietnam veteran, and, oh yes, the suave lover of a Chinese spy. It’s all part of my diverse and multifaceted identity, and I won’t be pigeonholed by your narrow legal definitions.”

Legal analysts were left flabbergasted as Rep Santos presented a hastily assembled family tree, complete with questionable lineage to the Cherokee Nation, faded photographs of a supposed stint in the Vietnam War, and a redacted love letter allegedly penned by the elusive Chinese spy just like Eric Swalwell.

The presiding judge, clearly taken aback, struggled to maintain decorum in the courtroom. “I’ve presided over many cases in my career, but this is a first,” the judge admitted, stifling a bewildered laugh. “Is this a legal defense or an audition for an action movie?”

Cherokee Nation officials, perplexed by the sudden surge in self-proclaimed Cherokees, released a statement saying, “We’re accustomed to cultural appropriation, but this takes it to a whole new level. Perhaps we should start a support group for politicians experiencing identity crises.”

Critics argue that Rep Santos may have inadvertently stumbled upon the perfect legal strategy, where claiming a dizzying array of identities becomes a defense against charges of impropriety. Legal experts are now debating the potential for a new era in jurisprudence where identity crises are admissible evidence in court.

As the nation watches in both amusement and bewilderment, one thing is clear – Rep Santos has single-handedly elevated identity politics to the level of high-stakes legal maneuvering. In the world of politics, it seems that the more identities you claim, the less likely charges are to stick. Welcome to the post-modern legal circus!

Originally published November 27, 2023.


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