Due to public outcry, “Baby It’s Cold Outside” has been replaced with, “DaM, Bit¢h It B FreeZin!”

Many activist groups have targeted the popular winter classic “Baby It’s Cold Outside” as an artifact of rape culture, citing lyrics that hint at a date rape.

As a result, many radio stations have banned the song and replaced it in on popular rotations with the rap classic, “DaMn, Bit¢h It FreeZin!” by Lil Wayne and Beyonce.

“‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ is literally rape-culture propaganda,” Debbie Foret of Womyn Against All Art Acceptance (WAAAA) said. “We’re much better off listening to popular hip-hops about actual domestic violence and rape than that oppressive song.”

“Baby It’s Cold Outside” has been criticized for its lyrics in which a man tries to convince a woman to stay at his place longer for fear that she’ll catch pneumonia out in the blizzard and die.

“DaMn, Bit¢h It FreeZin!” on the other hand contains detailed lyrics of an actual rape, but since it is sung by minorities, it’s okay according to the activists.

“And,” Foret added, “‘Baby’ was written by a white male! How rapey can you get?”

Originally published Dec 12, 2018


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