BREAKING: Antifa declares Washington DC its own country; rest of US pretty much okay with that

Democrats, RINOs scramble to make another Deep State Capitol!


Antifa activists, who have taken over sections of blue cities thanks to appeasement by local officials may have accidentally saved these United States of America. Washington DC has for decades been ruled by corrupt democrat politicians such as Marion Berry and other worthless “leaders of the community”.

The District of Columbia, which will be renamed District of Communumbia, is also the home of several unconstitutional bureaucracies such as the IRS, EPA, BLM (Bureau of Land Mismanagement), and other multi-billion dollar crony capitalist organizations. In another example of eating their own, Antifa CHAZ CHOP thugs recently took over the area housing these departments and have yet again formed their own country.

The IRS building was the first to be occupied. It was renamed Irrational Racial Strife and is using the personal information stolen at the building to enact a privileged tax on all US Citizens.

The Pentagon has for some reason been renamed the Pentagram and will be the office for coordinating the new CHAZ Military. This Military will comprise of United Nations, Chinese Military, Hedonist Fake Libertarians, department SWAT Teams, Muslim Training Camps in the USA, and other non-USA organizations.

The nation of DC CHAZ believes it will be able to conquer and separate from the USA New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Detroit, and Rush Limbaugh’s favorite town Rio Linda. The Deep State BLM is working on building a wall around Washington DC. Workers and Materials meant for roads are being provided by the Department of Transportation.

Immigration Customs Enforcement is in charge of deporting any conservatives remaining in CHOP DC (name will be changed often) as well as any white people who don’t bend the knee to Antifa. The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms is now the Bureau of Fentanyl, Under aged Drinking, Cocaine, & Weapons for Approved people only. Standard local politician appeasment procedure requires that electricity, water and other utilites be provided to the newly formed state.

Despite the initial fear of the nation’s capital being taken over, overall, it appears that CHAZ would take away less freedoms than the current Deep State occupying DC now. CHAZ will likely be unable to occupy the Red areas of the United States of America, including red sections within Blue States such as New York State.

Without the ability in enforce Woodrow Wilson’s IRS Tax System, hardly anyone in the USA will contribute to CHAZ DC. Many States such as Oklahoma will ban the Margaret Sanger Eugenics system known as abortion, result in thousands of lives saved, while border states will likely build their own walls much faster than the deliberately delayed federal wall. In the event that Southern California is lost to the Cartel State of Mexico, neighboring states/newly formed states will likely secure that new border.

In the End, the USA will still be the USA. A little smaller, but much better!


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