BREAKING: ‘BidenCare’ to be paid for entirely by Ukraine oil companies through Hunter’s money laundering

If you like your plan you can keep your plan……..if you are a Biden


NASHVILLE—During the final US presidential debate, Joe Biden laid out his brilliant healthcare plan, which he called “BidenCare” and how he’s going to pay for it.

Biden’s plan, which he had absolutely no help at in writing, will promise to make healthcare costs no longer a problem for anyone who gets on board the plan. You don’t have to be an expert in healthcare or anything else. The plan won’t be denied due to preexisting conditions, in fact, you can do things that make your health even worse and still be able to pay any medical bills!

The Biden healthcare plan works by installing family members on the boards of crony capitalist companies overseas and then making sure corrupt funds flow through the crony capitalist companies via political pressure. It’s actually called HunterBidenCare, but we forgive Joe Biden for forgetting his son’s name. After all, a Democrat who hung out with Robert Byrd has to remember so much when debating Abraham Lincoln.

Under HunterBidenCare, you will still get paid regardless of drug use, sex life, sloppy management of electronic items, or previous scam board memberships. People that Joe Biden considers black do have to be tested for cocaine and there is no coverage for dementia patients, but HunterBidenCare also allows you to send money to relatives running for political office as long as you give them nicknames like “the big guy” when talking about them in emails.

As mentioned before, US foreign policy will be used to make sure HunterBidenCare users aren’t prosecuted and mainstream media will hide any stories regarding your plan. HunterBidenCare may soon become available to more globalists along with the charity program known as the Clinton Foundation depending on the November 3rd election.  There are a small few who might not qualify for HunterBidenCare, such around 99.7 percent of the US population, but diversity is still our strength in that some Republicans can be part of HunterBidenCare in addition to Democrats.


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