BREAKING: Borders are okay now


In a similar way that public gatherings that were previously banned and criticized due to the risk posed in spreading COVID-19 but are now celebrated because they are fighting racism, the concept of borders, which was clearly evil before are now okay again because they’re now being deployed to maintain a communist “autonomous zone” in Seattle.

Activists created the autonomous zone after taking over the 3rd Seattle Police Department Precinct and setting up barricades in neighboring streets.

The warlord who has taken command of the communist utopia, Raz Simone, said that they are using walls to keep cops and Republicans out in order to, “maintain unity.”

“We need to keep certain people out so that our unity isn’t broken, so we need guarded walls to do that,” Simone said. “This division is all about unity.”

The activists have already made two communist rights of passage including a mass starvation and a gulag.

“No one has ever tried this communism thing before, so we’re learning as we go,” Simone added.


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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