BREAKING: China threatens to cut Pelosi off from vodka if she lands in Taiwan

BEIJING—A senior official in Beijing has pulled out all the stops in trying to prevent a US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi trip to Taiwan, threatening to cut Pelosi off from all vodka if she lands in Taiwan. The threat is an escalation after China threatened to blow Pelosi’s plane out of the sky.

Vodka is vital to Pelosi’s existence and cutting her off could be devastating.

While a visit to Taiwan is considered a “red line” to Beijing, cutting Speaker Pelosi off from vodka would be seen as a “red line” to Washington, a Senior White House Official said.

“We can only stock so much vodka on the flight,” General Mark Milley said. “So, if Taiwan doesn’t have any vodka when we land, Pelosi is going to be pissed.”

Now, a number of military analysis publications are examining the various possible ‘worst case scenarios’. One independent analyst and China-Taiwan watcher has laid out a full range of hypothetical, albeit realistic scenarios involving different potential levels of vodka depravation against the self-ruled island of Taiwan. 

China has worked with its Asian ally Russia to restrict sales of vodka to the US in hopes of choking off Pelosi.


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