BREAKING: Damar Hamlin spotted on the front lines in Ukraine

What an amazing comeback. Damar Hamlin suffered a mysterious cardiac arrest on Monday Night Football two weeks ago and NFL medical staff brought him back with CPR.

Hamlin bounced back to show up at the Bills-Bengals game Sunday looking fit as ever and helping the team secure the win with just his presence.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky reportedly wanted to get in on that action so he called Hamlin to come to the Ukrainian front lines to offer moral support to his military fighting the Russians.

“Damar Hamlin is IN THE BUILDING!” Zelensky shouted upon seeing his new friend despite the fact that they were outside. “If my troops see Hamlin in any capacity, it will blow the door off this war!”

Ukraine immediately won the war and Russia is retreating.

At one point Hamlin, who was completely covered in a snow suit, stood up and gave his signature hand heart gesture.

“It was such a galvanizing moment,” Zelensky added.


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