BREAKING: El Paso asks to join Egypt to qualify for some of $410M Mid East border security budget

US—The Texas border town of El Paso has asked to join the African country of Egypt in order to quality for part of the $410 million Middle East border security budget, sources say.

The $1.7 trillion year-end omnibus spending bill uses hundreds of millions of dollars of American taxpayer money to fund border security initiatives overseas as the United States, at its own border, is projected to set illegal immigration records next year.

El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser said that his city wasn’t getting any support from the US federal government on border security, so seceding from the United States and joining Egypt is the most efficient way to get funding.

Leeser said, “We need to ensure our community comes first and we take care of our community, whether we’re part of the United States or Egypt.”


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