Being a female college grad in today’s society is a real rollercoaster ride. From avocado toast to rose-colored glasses, we’ve got it all. But sometimes, it’s just too much to handle.

Take Lisa, for example, a 27-year-old working professional. Lisa thought she had it all together, but little did she know, the universe had other plans.

One day, Lisa decided to treat herself to a fancy latte from her local coffee shop. But, as she reached for her wallet, she realized she had left it at home. No big deal, she thought. I’ll just use my phone to pay.

But oh, how wrong she was. As she tried to use her phone to pay, she realized she had forgotten her password. And, to make matters worse, her fingerprint scanner was not working.

Lisa’s embarrassment reached new heights as the barista rolled their eyes and the line behind her grew longer. But, being the determined Millennial woman she is, Lisa refused to give up. She quickly whipped out her backup debit card and made the purchase.

However, the universe was not done with Lisa just yet. As she sipped her latte, she noticed a stain on her shirt. And, as she reached for a napkin to clean it, she realized her phone was missing.

“Great,” Lisa thought. “Just what I needed, another thing to worry about.”

Lisa’s search for her phone was a wild goose chase. It was in her pocket the whole time.

Lisa was able to post a TIkTok on the adventure that got 34 likes.

But, despite all the misadventures and setbacks, Lisa refused to let it get her down. She laughed it off and reminded herself that being a Millennial woman is all about the journey, not the destination.

So, to all the Millennial women out there, embrace the chaos. Whether it’s forgetting your password or spilling your latte, just remember that every misadventure is just another story to tell. And, most importantly, always bring a back up credit card. You never know when you’ll need it.


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