BREAKING: Man who released illegal arms dealer from prison gives lecture on gun control

WASHINGTON, DC—President* Joe Biden on Wednesday renewed vows to secure a new ban on assault weapons in the United States as he turns up heat on lawmakers to pass legislation shortly after securing the release of notorious illegal arms dealer Viktor Bout, known as the “Merchant of Death.”

“We did it before,” Biden said of the ban at a vigil for victims of gun violence at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Washington. “And this time it’s going to take more effort this time because I just released a Russian arms dealer, so there’s that.”

“Just do something. For God’s sake, do something. After Columbine, after Sandy Hook, after Charleston, after Orlando, after Las Vegas, after Parkland — nothing has been done,” Biden said. “How many kids do we have to kill in false flag attacks before you people give up your rights?

Biden seeks to lead by example and releasing notorious arms dealers definitely helps in gun control. Biden also highlighted his own family’s history of gun control at the service.

Biden’s son Hunter lied on ATF Form 4473, also known as a Firearms Transaction Record, about concealing his history of illegal drug use during a firearms purchase in 2018 and left it in a dumpster.


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