Breaking: New Orleans Coronavirus outbreak caused by Popeye’s new fried bat combo

Upping the ante in the Chicken flame wars, Popeye’s released their boldest meal to date. Playing off of the Corona Virus pandemic—that started in a small market in Wuhan China, where an undercooked bat was eaten, and then set into motion the highly viral contagion—Popeye’s novel approach to eating bats blew up in their face.

This approach, coming on the heels of a Chick-fil-a ad campaign that presented its iconic cows underneath “Eat Less Bat” on Bill boards across America, had Popeye’s attempting to embrace its southern Creole heritage by simply being loyal to itself. “If it can move then it can be made tasty” is the mantra of the Deep Southern Cajun, finding delicious ways to prepare everything from mudbugs to chicken gizzards. It stands to reason that bat could be made delectable too, but alas now New Orleans is overwhelmed with the Wuhan flu. The bat, however, was tasty.

Admittedly, Popeye’s deep fried bat campaign went viral in so many ways. Don’t be surprised if the state of Louisiana never overcomes their toilet paper shortages after this stunt, however. It is truly a pandemic of delectable proportions.