BREAKING: Texas to send 1000 electors since the Constitution doesn’t matter anymore

AUSTIN—The state of Texas is preparing to send 1,000 electors to the electoral college since the Supreme Court has ruled that the Constitution doesn’t matter anymore.

The move, first reported on will all but ensure that President Trump is reelected despite our declaration that Kanye West won the disputed presidential election.

Typically, Texas would receive 38 electoral college votes, but the Supreme Court has ruled that states can do whatever they want with regard to electoral votes since other states have no standing to contest them.

“We’re going to send 1,000 electors and they’re going to vote for President Trump because we need to compensate for the lawless swing states that are voting for Biden based on clearly fraudulent votes,” Texas Governor Greg Abbott said.

The electors are set to vote on December 14.

President Trump was supportive of the move.

“You all may go to Hell and I will go toTexas,” Trump said.


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