Budweiser Clydsdales to return to Super Bowl featuring first trans horse and one who identifies as a paraplegic Swedish bikini model

Get ready for a Super Bowl commercial that’s not horsing around – Budweiser’s iconic Clydesdales are back, and they’ve undergone a major makeover. In a groundbreaking move for inclusivity and diversity, Budweiser is set to introduce two new members to the legendary team: a Trans horse and another identifying as a paraplegic Swedish Bikini Model.

The heartwarming commercial, scheduled to air during the Super Bowl, promises to redefine what it means to be a Clydesdale in the 21st century. Gone are the days of traditional horse identities – Budweiser is embracing progress and celebrating the rich tapestry of horsehood.

The Trans Clydesdale, named Equinox, will gallop onto screens with pride, challenging stereotypes and showcasing a stunning display of horse activism. “Equinox is a symbol of our commitment to a more inclusive stable and a reminder that horsepower comes in all identities,” said Budweiser’s spokesperson, Hayley Neigh-son.

But that’s not all – meet Sven, the Clydesdale who identifies as a Swedish Bikini Model. With flowing mane extensions, a stylish hooficure, and a penchant for fashionable horse swimwear, Sven is here to break barriers and redefine equine beauty standards. “Sven wants to show the world that you can be a majestic Clydesdale and strut your stuff on the runway at the same time,” Neigh-son added.

Critics argue that the move is just a publicity stunt, but Budweiser insists it’s a genuine effort to reflect the diverse world we live in. The commercial, set against a backdrop of majestic landscapes and epic music, aims to capture the essence of the Clydesdales’ journey toward a more inclusive and accepting stable.

As the Super Bowl approaches, the anticipation is palpable. Will the Trans and Bikini Model Clydesdales steal the show and become the stars of Budweiser’s equine ensemble, or will the classics still reign supreme? One thing’s for sure – this year’s Clydesdale commercial promises to be a hoof-tapping spectacle that will go down in Super Bowl history.


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