Burger King releases new gay burger topped with monkeypox or AIDS

Burger King wants its customers to be fully immersed in Pride this year by releasing their new Gay Whoppers, which come with same-sex buns topped with monkeypox or AIDS for the first time ever. When you go to Burger King this June, you can get a Whopper with your favorite STD.

The Pride Whoppers come “with an STD of your choice for equal love and equal rights,” according to the post.

“We stand for the equal rights of all identities and sexual orientations,” the post continues. “A little twist to put a smile on your face and remind us to treat each other respectfully and peacefully, no matter who you are, unless of course you’re a straight white male in which case you can go to hell.”

American Burger Kings had a Pride Whopper, but it was just a normal Whopper wrapped in a rainbow wrapper that read “We are all the same inside” on the inside. This new Pride Whopper takes it to the next level by actually giving customers monkeypox, a traditionally homosexual disease.

You cannot order the Gay Burger without an STD.

Burger King said that their roided fish sandwich represents transwomen also.

“We want to represent all sexual perversions with our menu items,” Burger King CEO Hugh Jackass said. “Because that’s what people want when they’re come to a burger restaurant.”


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