Chinese gay community boasts 73 characters, LGBTQ+ cries foul

BEIJING—Gay activist, Peni Xi Hung announced the addition of 13 more groups to the Chinese gay + community bringing the total to 73.

“We are very inclusive, more than any other country and welcome all sexual stereotypes as well as many fetishes and even a few perversions.”

Those who follow Chinese groups and organizations attribute the new Chinese widespread ‘fellowships’ to China’s new ‘Belt and Thong’ initiatives.

American LGBTQ+ spokesperson, Franklin Dangle argued that Chinese standards are not comparable to the West’s.

“We are not going to compromise integrity just to make our name longer and beside, the + sign means like… infinity, okay so there is no limit to the sexual and gender profiles we represent. Besides, I think some of the Chinese characters are just not valid… I mean what does mayonnaise, okay maybe not mayonnaise but how about hiking… how does that qualify… what’s to stop ‘Heteros’ from hiking. Dude, they suck… okay, sucking is okay if it’s done correctly like at clubs.”


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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