Biden promises to fix baby formula shortage by sending more weapons to Ukraine

WASHINGTON, DC—President* Joe Biden addressed the “shocking” baby formula shortage in the US by sending more weapons to Ukraine.

“Really the only thing that can help us fix the baby formula shortage is to send more weapons and money to Ukraine,” Biden said in a press conference.

Retail locations across the United States report about 40 percent of the top-selling infant formula products were not in stock for the week ending April 24.

“I understand that some parents may be stressed,” Biden said. “But I assure you that all will return to normal once we send billions of dollars in weapons to Ukraine.”

Sources close to the administration say that they also plan on blowing up several baby formula factories in order to fix the shortage.

“Those companies are insured, so blowing them up would be the best course of action,” the source said.

Outgoing Press Secretary Jen Psaki has said that parents who can’t find baby formula “probably should have just had an abortion.”


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