Clinton’s express ‘sadness and regret’ over Epstein Island suicide

It has been a sad day for the Clinton’s. News has broke that one of Jeffrey Epstein’s pleasure islands had enough of this mortal life and spontaneously bursted into flames. The news reached Hillary as she was vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard. She has not taken the news well. The Clinton’s released the following statement:

That island had so much potential just to end its life in such a way. This is a sad day for the world community. Bill and I are devastated, and we ask as the news unfolds everyone respects our privacy. This is truly more than we can bear.

As news unfolds let us keep the Uber powerful pedo-billionaires in our thoughts and prayers. Many great memories were made on this island and as it committed sepuku too soon, they are truly the real victims. May Esptein’s pleasure island Rest In Peace.