CNN: SUV found guilty on all accounts in mostly peaceful Waukesha parade accident

WAUKESHA, WI—A Wisconsin SUV accused of driving through a crowd at the 2021 Waukesha Christmas parade was found guilty Wednesday.

The 2006 Ford Escape SUV — which represented itself in the case — faces life behind bars after a jury convicted it on six counts of mostly peaceful homicide in the accident that left six people dead and more than 60 injured.

Experts have stated that the incident was mostly peaceful and that it not a racially motivated hate crime committed by a non-white.

Each homicide count carried a mandatory life sentence.

The SUV had initially pleaded not guilty but then withdrew the plea in October, setting the stage for a trial where its unhinged behavior included incidents where it honked its horn and deflated its tires.

The jury deliberated a little more than three hours before reaching a verdict, after receiving hours of instructions from the judge on Tuesday.

A weepy SUV claimed in its closing argument that the rampage wasn’t intentional and blamed a mechanical malfunction, but prosecutors noted the vehicle didn’t stop even as cops yelled for it to pull over.


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