Eva Longoria, Matthew McConaughey star in ‘Gone With the Wind 2’ with Stacey Abrams as ‘Mammy

Olive Stone spilled his whiskey to our Genesius Times reporter, “I haven’t been this excited since I made Platoon. It’s epic. The Red against the Blue. Father against son. Right now, we are getting ready for the awesomely big battle scenes. I’ve got crews standing by downtown and all the Atlanta suburbs. Hollywood celebrities are flocking to the sets and are actually paying me to be in the movie. They’re even bringing their own guns and bombs. It’s gonna be a hum dinger. Can I still say that? Hum dinger! Hum dinger!

Eva Longoria is playing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, our heroine who falls in a ‘for Biden’ love with Colonel Carlson Tucker played by Matthew McConaughey. We don’t have a complete cast yet but it is filling up rapidly and the battle scenes should start this weekend. We are busing in extras who will play all the different voters.

[Gory spoiler alert]

Here is a little Easter Egg scene I’m excited about. Thousands of dead people in cemeteries rise up and attack polling places while ordinary citizens are forced into lock-downs because of a plague. Yeah, I know it is a little far fetched but that’s what my audience expects from me… ask Charlie Sheen. Also, so great… we actually got Cher to play a large set of drapes and Bernie Sanders to play a bale of cotton. On top of all that, we are filming in ‘Realism 3D’ so everything looks like it is really happening.” The film is due out at the beginning of 2021. The last scene though, is eluding me a bit. I’m thinking a guy rides a donkey through a smoke filled street littered with bodies, then stops, gets off slowly, pulls out an AR15 and shoots a cop who was responding to a Karen 911 call. What do you think? Cool right? Too Tarantino?”


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