Twitter starts defending election fraud as ‘good for democracy’ after they can’t ignore it anymore

SAN FRANCISCO—Social media giant Twitter has started defending election fraud in their “context” notices after it became obvious that they couldn’t ignore it anymore by claiming it didn’t exist.

The old context link read, “Learn how US elections are perfectly safe and secure.” This was replaced with one that reads, “Learn how election fraud is good for democracy.”

“Clearly censorship is bad and we don’t want to be fascists,” Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said in an exclusive interview with Genesius Times, “so we figure the only way to spin all the clear evidence of fraud is to start explaining to our idiot users that election fraud is actually good for democracy.”

The link, posted on any tweet by Donald Trump or anyone else providing evidence of election fraud, directs the user to a page that explains why fraud is good for democracy.

“In a democracy, we want every vote to count, even if the votes don’t represent a real, living human being,” read the informational piece. “And so, when poll workers run Biden-only votes through the counting machine multiple times or a computer tabulation software switches votes from Trump to Biden or hundreds of thousands of dead people vote for Biden, that is good for democracy.”


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