Fauci mandates masks for all bullets to prevent COVID-related gunshot wounds

The effort to stop yet another disease from our friends at The People’s Republic of China has taken on a new front!

The Antifa/BLM Communist Terror campaign has given rise to an increase in shootings in blue cities as well as more people buying guns and ammo. While there are several issues regarding these bullets, such as the racism in them being mainly dark colors, the threat of COVID-19 now involves all aspects of life, including shooting.

For this reason, Dr. Anthony Fauci himself has demanded that all ammunition be fitted with tiny face masks to prevent the spread of the Wuhan Virus.

“We don’t want bullets to be flying around getting people sick”, stated Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot. More than 300 people have been killed from COVID-related gunshot wounds in Chicago this year, including 14 at a funeral.

While Moms Demand Action was for banning ammunition outright, they are pleased with the mandate to place masks on all bullets. Moms Demand Director Shannon Watts stated that the process will take years and still require the confiscation and require contact tracing for all bullets, which will make those evil bullets far safer than even most Monsanto products. Watts was the PR director for Monsanto before a multi-million dollar lawsuit exposing how their products gave people cancer.

There will likely be some lack of cooperation to the bullet mask mandate on a federal, state, and local level due to incidents such as Fauci at the baseball field and COVID-19 numbers being faked by some health department.”The Arkansas Constitution and some in the Arkansas Legislature are already standing in the way of globalist policies, but so are some business owners”, said Arkansas Chinese Overseer Asa Hutchinson referring to Arkansas Gun Cave owner Jan Morgan. When Morgan requested on facebook ammunition for her training class, she made no mention either giving her ammo to government first or even placing masks on any of the bullets herself. “Governor” Hutchinson has already faced push back after he issued an Unconstitutional mask mandate for people in preparing the politically red state population for a mandated vaccine in the future.

President Trump will likely also oppose the idea of requiring masks for bullets while a President Joe Biden could be coerced into the idea in exchange for homemade ice cream. The 2020 elections could decide the fate of the bullet mask!


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