Mayor Lightfoot takes full responsibility for blaming others for Chicago’s problems

CHICAGO—Mayor Lori Lightfoot minced no words as she took full responsibility for blaming other people for Chicago’s problems.

After her stunning and brave executive order to outlaw shooting in Chicago didn’t work, Lightfoot sought to place the blame on Trump and other boogiemen.

“As mayor of this great city, I will take full responsibility for blaming others for Chicago’s problems. It’s up to me to make sure that everyone knows it’s not my fault, and I’m willing put the effort in to make that clear,” Lightfoot said in a press interview.

Chicago has recently received bad press after violent crime has skyrocketed and law abiding citizens have fled, causing President Donald Trump to send a surge of fire and brimstone to completely level the city.

“The buck stops here,” Lightfoot said. “My mama always raised me to take responsibility, so I’m doing just that. I’m taking responsibility for blaming Trump and the suburban gun nuts for the literal war zone that Chicago has become.”

This move follows New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell’s taking full responsibility for blaming Trump for the city’s COVID-19 woes.

“We need a leader now,” Cantrell said as COVID deaths climbed earlier this year. “We need someone who is willing to blame President Trump for everything. I’m that leader.”