FBI: Story about FBI falsely calling stories Russian disinformation is likely Russian disinformation

WASHINGTON, DC—The FBI has released a report stating that the reports about the FBI falsely labeling stories damaging to the regime as Russian disinformation is likely Russian disinformation.

“We are aware of the reports saying that we falsely labeled stories that would have made the Biden crime family look bad as Russian disinformation, but that is likely Russian disinformation,” FBI Director Christopher Wray said.

Wray went on to say that anything that made the FBI look bad is likely Russian disinformation.

“We are not only a highly capable crime-fighting agency, we are perfect,” Wray said.

At the time of this writing, the FBI insists that the report of the FBI report of them labeling the false reports as Russian disinformation, which is Russian disinformation, is also likely Russian disinformation.

Full disclaimer: Genesius Times has no affiliation with Russia and we did not kill ourselves.


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