Gender equality experts shocked there are no trans-males in men’s sports

Across the country, from high school to college, trans-female athletes (biological males competing as females) are breaking barriers and records. Gender equality experts are shocked, however, to learn that there are no biological females competing in men’s sports.

“It’s just a mystery,” Pat Sixtiforty of Gender Infinity said. “You would think that with the social barriers down that these biological females who identify as men would be eager to compete and win against other men.”

There have been many trans males who have competed in women’s sports, but we’re still waiting for that first trans male to dominate in men’s sports.

“Just this last week, trans females destroyed the biological females in track meets all across the country, but the trans males are relatively quiet.”

“It’s almost as is there’s an inherent difference between the physical makeup of biological males and females,” Sixtiforty said. “And I say almost because of course that would be bigoted and racist to say that there is any inherent difference between men and women.”

“Men and women are the same and it doesn’t matter who you identify as, so it’s not clear as to why there aren’t more trans men in men’s sports.”


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