GOP to read Constitution aloud on House floor so they know ‘exactly what to ignore when they pass unconstitutional laws later on’

Kevin McCarthy said the entirety of the United States Constitution will be read on the first day of the new Congress so we know “exactly what to ignore later on when we’re passing unconstitutional legislation.

“You see, Democrats don’t care what laws they violate. We Republicans want to know exactly which laws we violate when we pass unconstitutional laws,” McCarthy explained.

House Republicans made an annual reading of the Constitution a congressional tradition starting in 2011. The tradition presumably came to an end when Democrats secured a House majority in 2018.

“Back then, we knew exactly how we were violating the Constitution because we read it aloud for everyone to hear before we passed unconstitutional laws,” McCarthy added.

McCarthy said after they read the Constitution, they will begin to write sternly-written letters to everyone who violated the Constitution the last three years.


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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