‘Greatest Generation’ renamed ‘Meh Generation’ for raising Boomers

Once regarded as history’s finest for overcoming the Great Depression and World War II, the “Greatest Generation” has been renamed the “Meh Generation” now that the Boomer Generation’s legacy has been established.

“How can they be the greatest if they raised children that became hippies and imported the third world?” asked historian Dr. Ian Wright. “They peaked in the forties and have been coasting off that ever since.”

The world renowned professor presented his work to the media. He claimed the former “Greatest Generation’s” early success does not negate their ultimate legacy: their children.

“When it’s all said and done, they were ultimately just, meh,” the professor explained. When a masked boomer interrupted and threatened to sue Dr. Wright, the speaker continued, “Runner up names included “Okay-at-Best Generation” and the “WTF Happened Generation.”

Other factors in the rebranding is the Johnson administration, lobotomies, shag carpeting and popularizing Velcro sneakers.


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