Greta Thunberg says coronavirus is responsible for killing her publicity

Teen climate change sensation Greta Thunberg who is famous for chastising old people for not taking her seriously about the weather is blaming the dreaded coronavirus for killing her publicity.

“How dare you take attention away from me and climate change,” she was overheard yelling into the coronavirus-infused air of Italy. “How dare you?”

She was already depressed when 100 percent of the news cycle shifted to the disease but she absolutely flipped out when it was reported that warm, humid weather could help kill the virus.

“It’s as if no one cares that the world is ending in 12 years anymore! So what if it appears that the world is ending now? How dare you?!” she shouted to the air again.

The novel coronavirus is spreading across the globe, causing mass hysteria and widespread economic shutdown.

“At first, I thought it was going to be good because people would stop polluting the air and stop climate change, but it has also shifted all the attention away from me, and that is not good,” Thunberg added.


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