Schiff launches probe into why Trump was dealing with his previous probe instead of COVID-19


In an effort to make everything about him, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff is working to launch a new investigation of Donald Trump to determine why the president was dealing with his previous investigation instead of the impending COVID-19 pandemic.

“The American people demand to know why Trump was busy defending himself from my baseless accusations during his impeachment instead of paying attention to the mounting threat from coronavirus,” Schiff said in a press conference.

Experts say that the reason that Trump was dealing with a massive impeachment push was because there was in fact a massive impeachment push spearheaded by Rep. Schiff.

“The American people demand to know why Trump was defending himself and not American at the outset of the outbreak. We deserve the truth!” Schiff added. “We all know those impeachment claims were baseless and totally partisan. Why was Trump spending so much time on them?”

It has been reported that Schiff was considering charging Trump with “obstruction of coronavirus” but opinion polls showed that people favored the angle that Trump was too busy defending himself against Schiff to pay attention to coronavirus.


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