Harvard stages Biology 101 book burning to protest ‘misogynistic and transphobic science’

Students and faculty of prestigious Harvard University have staged a massive book-burning of Biology 101 text books to protest the “misogynistic and transphobic science” it contains.

“We’re taking a stand against the clearly misogynistic and transphobic quote unquote science that they put in this book,” President of the Student Association Kim Berkley said holding up one of the books before throwing it in the towering inferno. “It’s actually asserting that men and women are different. I mean, can you hate women any more?”

The event was sponsored by the Women Are Better Than Men Club and the All-Inclusive (Except CIS White Males) Club.

“‘Only females can become pregnant’?” Hans Farse read from the book. “And ‘Gender reassignment surgery doesn’t affect the genetic nature of the patient’? Are you nuts? These are clearly bigoted statements!”

Critics of the standard biology text used at Harvard also said that it was racist for stating that races are arbitrary assignments for a wide spectrum of phenotypic traits, which do not necessarily correlate with underlying genes.

Students chanted and held signs saying, “Love Trumps Science” and “Get your science off my conscience.”

“We must vanquish the bigotry from these so-called science books if we ever stand a chance of ushering in our politically correct utopia.”



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