Hollywood mental hospitals overrun after Trump doesn’t die from COVID

The list goes on and on… celebrity meltdowns overloading hospitals on both coasts. Being called TDDWSD, Trump Derangement Death Wish Stress Disorder, the emotional overload is putting a lot of D-listers on ER gurneys. Therapists phones were ringing off the hook as insignificant low level politicians and Hollywood has-beens are using anti-depressants in record amounts.

One off the record source explains. “I have been treating a number of ex-big time actors, actresses and even agents for a number of years but this last weekend was an emotional Hiroshima. Trump not dying has caused so many breakdowns, well, there just aren’t enough hours in the day. I’m getting $1200 an hour mostly just to make tea. I mean what can I do for them, they’re not rational. They’re not living in our reality anymore. Most spend all day on MSNBC and CNN commenting, thinking they will make a difference. I tell them they are not and they need to get a real life but most have been so secluded and out of work for so long, it’s become hopeless… so, I just get them the drugs. Try to alleviate their suffering.

Democratic Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi announced she will seek emergency funding to help those with TDDWSD. “I don’t know why the President couldn’t just die. If he would have died even last year, that would have averted the mental pandemic this has become but he brazenly takes care of himself and stays healthy to hurt so many.”


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