How To Catfish People with Your Own Face Using These 3 Beauty Hacks

It’s no secret that women spend much more time, effort, and money on their appearance than men do. In-between lash infill appointments, nail lengthening appointments, routine haircuts, and tanning bed sessions, looking good can take a lot of work and money, which many women can’t afford to spare unless they’re trophy wives or sugar babies. 

While some women have natural beauty, many enjoy experimenting with the latest makeup trends to achieve their Instagram-worthy complexions and share their most glamorous selfies, often called ‘catfishing.’ But if you don’t want to rely on filters, how do you ‘catfish’ people using your own face? 

If you’ve asked this question before, you’re in the right place, as we outline several beauty hacks you need to add to your daily beauty routine if you want to trick people into thinking you’re prettier than you are. 

From using a pair of invisible aligners for teeth and feigning confidence to overdrawing your lips and getting your best angles, we explore several beauty hacks that elevate your appearance and create the illusion of perfection. So, if you’d like to discover how to rival the participants on MTV’s hit TV show ‘Catfish’ – continue reading! 

Focus On Your Smile 

In today’s world, first impressions mean everything, especially regarding your appearance. So, if you want to catfish your friends and family successfully, you’ll need to focus on the aspects they’ll notice first, like your smile. Misaligned, discolored, or missing teeth will ruin your perfect catfish-like image because, god-forbid, your smile has character; it needs to look like a clone of George Clooney’s for others to perceive you as attractive. 

Thankfully, if you don’t have a catfish-worthy smile, there are various ways to straighten it out without going down traditional dentistry routes like braces, etc., which can make your smile look even more jarring. 

Using custom-made aligners from providers like ALIGNERCO, you can go about your daily routine without having to worry about your perfect catfish image being ruined since nobody will be able to tell you’re wearing them. Consider visiting their website to learn more about their do-it-yourself teeth straightening kits, read customer reviews, and see how their innovative teeth straightening solutions could help you catfish others today. 

Apply Your Makeup Flawlessly 

If you want to convince everyone that you’re a catfish successfully, you’ll need to ensure that you wear a full face of makeup everywhere and that it’s applied flawlessly. Whether you’re dropping your kids off at school or doing your weekly grocery shop, the last thing you want to be caught doing is slipping when you’re a catfish. 

Even if you’re functioning on a flask of coffee and three hours’ sleep, makeup is the best way to fool people that you have your life together and, above all, you’re better looking than you are. Using the proper techniques, tools, and products, you can complement your best features and reduce the appearance of physical attributes you’d rather hide, like dark circles, hyperpigmentation, etc. 

For best results, complete your skincare routine before applying your makeup, as this will ensure a smooth base for your makeup to cling to and create that perfect illusion you want. Next, you’ll want to move on to primer, foundation, and concealer, which will help you cover dark circles, hyperpigmentation, blemishes, etc., and ensure your look lasts all day. 

After you’ve created a convincing base, you’ll need to sculpt a new face using contour, blush, and highlight. Next, you’ll want to create a familiar eye look using eyeliner, eyeshadow, and false eyelashes, instilling confidence, and making you appear more attractive. Finally, choose a flattering lip color, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different makeup trends to achieve that perfect catfish-esque result. 

Practice The Best Lighting/Angles 

Typically, most of your catfishing will be done online – since trying to convince someone you are hot online is much easier than in real life. Therefore, when taking photos/videos, you want to ensure you’re using the most flattering lighting/angles, as these aspects can make a drastic difference to how you’re presented in digital media. 

While studio lighting is renowned for creating a face-enhancing illusion, not every want-to-be catfish has access to studio lighting twenty-four-seven; you do have access to plenty of natural light, which is beneficial for softening features, minimizing imperfections and adding a natural glow to your skin/features. 

As well as utilizing lighting, you’ll get the best results by using angles, which depending on your face shape, might involve looking up into the camera lens, extending your head away from your neck, holding your phone/camera to the side instead of in front of you, relaxing your jawline, taking multiple photos in a different light, and much more. 

Experimenting with the best lighting and the most flattering angles for your face shape is beneficial for helping you take the best selfie and ensuring that you look as perfect as can be. Once you’ve found your ideal lighting/pose, don’t deviate from it; this will maintain your catfish appearance and maximize your online image. 


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