Brave CEOs vow to end the exploitation of LGBT community by not celebrating Pride Month

Several brave corporate CEOs have vowed to end the exploitation of the LGBT community by not posting rainbow flags or changing their logo during June’s Pride Month.

“The LGBTQ+ community has been beaten up so much over the centuries,” Said James Wilkenson of Sharp Sausage Packers, “and now that they’re not persecuted, all these companies are just exploiting them for their own gain. It’s absolutely atrocious. Therefore, we at Sharp will not be posting anything with rainbows during June. It’s time to end the exploitation!”

Wilkenson and others have taken the brave step to stand up for the LGBT community when the majority of companies have traded their character for money.

“Like, what does the LGBT community have to do with American Airlines or Uber? It’s clear that these companies are just pandering and are using the plight of the community to get customers,” Wilkenson said.

“Let it be known that even if we had the budget to change our logos to make them gay, we wouldn’t do it because we don’t exploit persecuted peoples!” he added.