Jeffrey Epstein arrives at court draped in pride flag; judge drops all charges

Stunning and brave. The billionaire investor and lover of underage girls showed up for his first court hearing draped in a pride flag and a lapel pin that said #loveislove.

Moved by his solidarity to those marginalized communities with disordered sexual proclivities, the judge overhearing the case dropped all charges.

“It was moving to see a rapist pederast stand behind other marginal figures, and acknowledging that pedophilia is unjustly stigmatized in our society I decided to drop all charges.” Judge Rupal was quoted as saying.

Whatever your beliefs on what marginal peoples should have the most prominent voice in our society; you cannot disagree pederasts are among the most hated.

So all you clowns out there, vying for a spot in the rainbow olympics, your time to be respected by the patriarchy might be sidelined because Progress Inc. says it’s the billionaire child rapist’s turn.

I love progress.


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