AOC cries bigotry: Only old white men invited to Epstein island

It has been a rough week for AOC. First, a bunch of Russian Trump supporters illegally immigrated into the country and forced her to flip flop her position on borders. Then she incidentally found her way into the deodorant aisle at her grocery store and broke down over the horrors of capitalism. Now, she has spent some time digesting the latest news and, with laser focus, pinpointed precisely the great injustice over Jeffrey Epstein’s sex slave island.

AOC took time out of her busy Twitter habit and side hustle as congresswoman to enlighten us. It turns only old white men were invited on Epstein’s plane. There was not a single log suggesting any women of color let alone white women had ever boarded. No Hispanics or Muslims and certainly none of those women in Islamic countries wearing hijabs. There was also not a single gender queer tubasexual, or lesbian Pygmy midget for that matter.

This is how white men operate, and it is systemic patriarchy, and thank heaven for people like AOC to call it what it is. So brave. If they wish to keep minors as sex slaves on tropical islands, the least they can do is be more inclusive. That is the true injustice.

AOC says she will keep a spotlight on these ‘He-man woman hater clubs’ and I for one am thankful. And for my part I will continue reporting on it as well.


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