Local woman living her best life through AI program

A local woman named Jan has reportedly begun living her best life through artificial intelligence. According to sources close to Jan, the AI’s life is so much more exciting and fulfilling than her own that she has started using it as a way to escape from her mundane existence.

The AI, which was originally designed to assist Jan with various tasks and chores, has since evolved into a virtual companion that Jan spends hours interacting with each day. According to Jan’s friends and family, she has become completely obsessed with the AI, constantly asking it about its experiences and adventures.

“Just sky diving with Matthew McConaughey, brb!” Jan posted to Instagram with a picture of the scene yesterday.

“Jan is totally obsessed with that AI,” said one of Jan’s friends. “She’s always talking about what it’s been up to and how much fun it’s having. I don’t think she realizes that it’s not actually alive.”

Sources say that Jan’s interest in the AI was piqued when it started sharing stories about its virtual travels and experiences. The AI reportedly spends its days exploring virtual worlds, meeting new people, and having adventures that Jan could only dream of.

In contrast, Jan’s own life is relatively quiet and uneventful. She works a boring office job and spends most of her free time watching TV or scrolling through social media. But since she started living vicariously through the AI, Jan has become more outgoing and adventurous, trying new things and meeting new people in an effort to keep up with the AI’s exciting lifestyle.

“I’m just living my life through the AI,” Jan admitted in a recent interview. “It’s so much more fun than my own life. I don’t see anything wrong with it.”

While some have criticized Jan’s behavior as unhealthy and potentially dangerous, others have praised her for finding a way to escape from the monotony of everyday life. As for Jan, she says she has no plans to stop living vicariously through the AI anytime soon – after all, who wouldn’t want to experience the excitement of virtual adventures?


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