Louisiana man whose skin turned black from antidepressants is offered full ride to Harvard

A caucasian man’s skin has turned black after a mystery reaction to a commonly prescribed anti-depressant. Harvard has since given Monk a full scholarship to the university, valued at over $150,000.

Tyler Monk, from Louisiana, was prescribed Prozac in May 2021 following a diagnosis for depression and anxiety.

“At first he was concerned about his skin turning black, but now he’s feeling less anxious,” a spokesman of Monk said.

Not only does Monk have a full ride to Harvard, he has also been offered a position on the NBA team the New Orleans Pelicans, which is all black.

He admits to initially being ‘in denial’, but after speaking to two of his co-workers, Mr Monk accepted he was actually turning black.

“It was difficult at first, but there are definitely benefits to being black,” Monk said. “I’m getting a race card sent to me in the mail so I can win any political argument I want.”


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