MAGA supporters start burning down buildings for BLM so that the FBI will take them off their extremist list

In an unexpected turn of events, some ardent supporters of the Make America Great Again (MAGA) movement have resorted to setting fire to buildings while chanting “Black Lives Matter” slogans in a perplexing attempt to get the FBI to remove them from its extremist watchlist.

This bizarre strategy has left many scratching their heads, as MAGA loyalists seem to be taking an unconventional approach to their plight. The reasoning behind this “Burn and Befriend” tactic, as it’s being called, is as puzzling as it sounds.

One participant, who preferred to remain anonymous, gave us insight into their peculiar logic. “We figured if we start burning buildings and shouting ‘Black Lives Matter,’ the FBI would surely come after us, right? I mean, we’ve seen how much attention they give to those protests. We just want to be taken off the list!”

While this strategy may appear counterintuitive, it seems some MAGA supporters are willing to go to great lengths to change their status with law enforcement. Videos of these attempts have flooded social media, showing individuals adorned in “MAGA for BLM” attire, frantically attempting to start fires and then hastily extinguishing them.

Unsurprisingly, the reactions from both the FBI and Black Lives Matter activists have been a mix of confusion and disbelief. An FBI spokesperson commented, “We prioritize national security and public safety. Attempts to manipulate our focus with such tactics are not only misguided but also potentially criminal.”

Black Lives Matter activists, who have long advocated for racial justice and equality, expressed their frustration with this peculiar approach. “We’ve been fighting for change through peaceful protest and advocacy,” said one activist. “It’s disheartening to see anyone co-opt our message for such a strange and ineffective stunt.”

As the “Burn and Befriend” strategy continues to bewilder onlookers, it remains uncertain whether these efforts will achieve the desired outcome for these MAGA supporters. What is clear is that the world of political theatrics has taken another absurd and perplexing twist, leaving us all to wonder what will come next in this ever-unpredictable saga.


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