‘Matrix’ Producers replace ‘red pill’ with another blue pill from Pfizer

HOLLYWOOD—When the directors of the original Matrix film envisioned the iconic red pill scene, they had no idea that all the crazy conspiracy theorists would actually take the analogy seriously.

When Elon Musk tweeted in May 2020 “Take the red pill” and Ivanka Trump replied, “Taken!” the woke director Lilly Wachowski replied “F*** both of you.”

The producers of the latest masterpiece of the series, The Matrix Resurrections, aren’t taking the same chance that people will confuse the meaning behind the “red pill”. They inserted a similar scene in the movie with Morpheus offering two pills to Neo, but in the new scene, Morpheus offers two blue pills, which were manufactured by Pfizer.

“This was really the only way to correct the right-wing extremist view that there is a conspiracy of enslaving illusion-makers forcing people to live unfulfilling lives,” Wachowski said.

Producers agreed that the Pfizer blue pill offered a nice little tie-in to the current medical situation.

“Basically, people are talking about Pfizer like they’re hiding data or running a medical fascist state, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Pfizer is a beneficent corporation that has only our best interests in mind,” Wachowski added.

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