Millions of children thank COVID-19 for getting them out of sitting with creepy bunnies this year

Millions of children around the country and indeed the world are thanking COVID-19 for getting them out of sitting with random creepy bunnies.

“This year’s Easter Bunny photo shoot is cancelled due to concerns over coronavirus,” read a notice at a local Candy and Tobacco store. The annual event brings hundreds of parents from around the tri-city area to force their impressionable toddlers on the laps of grown men in bizarre bunnies costumes.

Little Timmy of Lakeland was super excited he didn’t have to do it this year. “I don’t like the furry monster man! Thank you cadonavibus!”

Each year, hundreds of thousands of children are subjected to mental torture having to endure the cigar-scented, polyester creatures.

“I wish we had coronavirus when I was a kid,” one parent said on condition of anonymity. “I was basically scarred for life.”

Many, including Little Timmy, hope that the COVID-19 virus stays around until Christmas so they don’t have to deal with that other furry creep, Santa.