Nancy Pelosi declares herself the one and only United States congressperson

United States Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi of California’s 12th Congressional District has used the rarely mentioned Plague Clause of the US Constitution to dissolve the Congressional Districts. As of today, Nancy Pelosi is now the Representative for all US Citizens.

“With most of the votes already done by party line, and the recent votes by proxy, it just seemed like the next step,” said Pelosi staff member Kenne Dicenter. FBI director Peter Strzok will be in charge of removing non compliant members of Congress and seizing their belongings.

On a more positive note, the pension plans and exemptions from rules such as Obamacare will still be in place for the now former members of Congress and their staff members.

The ACLU is looking for a way to dissolve the United States Senate and of course the office of the President of the United States. Building the multi Septillion dollar Deathstar is a possibility. Any media outlets that don’t advocate for the Plague Clause of the US Constitution, such as the KrisAnne Hall Show and of course Nancy Pelosi’s November 2020 Republican opponent DeAnna Lorraine will be censored by Facebook fact checkers from the Ministry of Truth.


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