“No ma’am, I will not wax your balls” and other things bigots say: A definitive guide

Stricken with phobias of all sorts, red America has taken hatred to whole new level. It has even infiltrated Canada where a transwoman (who is a woman by the way) could not find any salon owners in her area that would provide her a Brazilian wax. So like the hero that she is, she went straight to the human rights tribunal in Canada and put those bigots in their place!

This got me to thinking about all the mean, and hateful things our friends in the gay community have to put up with from white Christian America, and so I decided to make a list of all the mean things the LGBTTTTTFQARSBYUOZ community have to suffer through. Here is a definitive list of things hateful bigots say:

  1. No ma’am, I will not wax your balls.
  2. No sir, I will not bake your cake.
  3. No sir, I will not arrange your flowers.
  4. No ma’am, you may not put dollars bills in my young son’s thong.
  5. Honk
  6. No ma’am, you may not read books at my kid’s library.
  7. No my child is not allowed to see naked people at Pride Parades.

The list could go on for days, but this is what I could compile thus far. Shame on you bigots for not being more inclusive.


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