No you DON’T have a right to privacy with vaccines, that only applies to killing babies

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but you DO NOT have a right to privacy about your vaccination status. That only applies to killing innocent little babies.

People say, “Hey, I have a right to privacy. You can’t ask me about whether or not I’m vaccinated!”

But that logic is totally flawed. Privacy only applies if you’re killing babies. This is SCIENCE people!

White men weighing in on women’s issues is completely unacceptable, but when the those nine white men decided to weigh in on women’s rights back in 1973 it was okay because they created a right to privacy when women need it most: when they’re killing their babies.

But that only applies to abortion, not vaccines.

Others claim “My body my choice!” But I’m sorry, that again only applies to when you’re killing another body, that being your baby.

When we’re dealing with the public welfare, you do not have bodily autonomy. The government should be able to inject anything into you and you should be grateful because the government only does things for your own good. Just ask the lucky people who participated in the Tuskegee syphilis experiment.


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